Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lizzy had a great week.  She is now walking with a four tip cane, and has started trying to climb stairs.  She really wants to be able to keep her room on the second floor when she gets home!  She also has some arm movement in her shoulder when moving it forward and in her elbow when bringing it toward her. Today I felt a little pressure when she tried to squeeze my fingers! This is a first for hand movement.  She is still struggling with her cognition.  Although she can read (we are grateful) it is nowhere near as fluid or comprehensive as before. It is hard to watch her struggle with all her very favorite things to do.  It seems strange for a girl who used to make up her own language to sometimes  have difficulty saying exactly what she wants in English. She is progressing though. Late last week she was shown some pictures in a picture book and was able to share an original sentence about what she saw happening in the book, she even put in a few very large and descriptive words - so it is in there somewhere!   We are so very grateful to you all for your concern, prayers, and kindness. It makes such a difference to her and to our family.

Two of my wonderful friends, Kristen Bates and Les Ackman, have also planned a dinner and auction for Lizzy to assist with her medical bills. They have asked me to share the information with you.  The auction and meal will be held on Friday, May 6th at 6:30pm in the Horace Mann Gym at NWMSU.  They are working on a number of creative items to auction, and I know the meal will be fabulous. For those of you who live at a distance they are setting up a website with pay pal so you can participate.  If you have items or services to donate please let me know and I will have them contact you. More information will follow as it becomes available. We are incredibly blessed with wonderful friends. Thank you Kristen and Les, and everyone else who is reading.

Can't wait until next week when I will have even more of Lizzy's progress to report! Thank you all - Julie and Tom and Lizzy Smith

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