Monday, April 25, 2011

All about Liggy!

Hi all -

Thanks for your continued interest in Lizzy and her progress. She is improving every day, even though the improvements are small. She is now walking with a one point cane (we got to pick out a fancy blue one at the drug store this weekend) and although she admits that she still needs it, she would really like to leave it behind. In fact, she tries sometimes, but doesn't get too far. She is also trying to leave her parents behind. She is supposed to have someone walk with her at all times, but she tries to ditch us. Hmm . . . preteens not wanting their parents around? There's a surprise!

Her arm movement is improving a little as well. With great concentration she can pick up a sponge ball and move it a few inches, and usually drop it as well. Dropping is harder to do than grasping, so this is huge. She is also making progess cognitively as well, although she would much rather have us read to her than read herself at this point. We really hope she will get back to the point where she can, and wants, to read all day on her own again. In other news - her leg brace broke twice this week! This is odd, as her therapist said he has never seen that happen. The good news is that since they ended up having to replace the brace, we were able to keep the foot portion of her old one for her to use in the pool for therapy. This will really help as her right foot still has a tendency to roll under.

At any rate, we feel INCREDIBLY blessed to have such a wonderful group of friends supporting us. We are so grateful to the community for their love and to our family for all their help too. If you are interested, please check the blog: welovelizzy.blogspot.com for updates and pictures of Lizzy and I think they added some other bells and whistles (especially for far away people) too. Thank you all again for your interest in our wonderful Lizzy!

Love - Tom, Julie, and Liggy (one of her nicknames that she told me to put on) Smith

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