Monday, April 18, 2011

Big News on the Lizzy Front:

Lizzy got out of the hospital on Friday!!!!  She was scheduled to get out on the 22nd, but she had met all of her goals and they thought it would be best for her to spend some time at home.  So, they released her a week early.  She wouldn't let us tell anyone (or at least almost anyone) so she could surprise her family at home (more than you know-- more on that in a minute) and her church family.  It was a success. 

She is doing very well.  She is walking like a champ with the cane, although she has a tendency to go a little too fast.  Still, she has been navigating all of the bumps and changes in texture that come with life in the real world without any problems so far.  Her speech and cognition are coming along well, and her arm is gaining more strength and mobility everyday.  She can do most of her arm exercises with only minimal help from us.  She is still trying to build up her stamina.  She is plenty ready for bed by about 9:30 every night and even earlier if there is more action going on.  Still, she loves being at home. 

Unfortunately, this is not a full-time move yet.  Beginning Monday morning, Lizzy has therapy at the Rehabilitation Institute in Kansas City five days a week-- all day.  So, for us that means more time apart as Lizzy and a parent (usually Mom) will spend Monday morning through Friday afternoon in KC, but we will all be together on the weekends.  This will go on for about another 2 months or so.  Our goal is actually 7 weeks because that would allow her to begin 6th grade on time.  It will be a long road, but she will do awesome.  Please keep her in your prayers.  They have been working and she still needs more blessings to keep progressing as well as she has been.

As always, we thank you for your prayers and well wishes and thoughts and gifts.  We are more indebted to all of you than we can say.  Please remember you can follow the Lizzy blog atwww.welovelizzy.blogspot.com.  They are doing a wonderful job of maintaining the site. 

With lots of love, Julie, Tom, and Lizzy Smith

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