Monday, March 28, 2011

Lizzy is doing great!  They finished running all the tests they needed to last week and determined that she did have the artery condition that they thought she did. (Fibromuscular Dysplasia) Her case is exceedingly rare - the neurologists have only been able to find 13 cases like hers in the research - from the entire world. Thus, they aren't sure whether they will try to correct the problem or not. For now, she is just on a baby aspirin a day.

 We have moved to the rehab floor and are working on therapy full time now.  She is able to stand while holding on to something for balance, she can move her leg some and as of the end of last week, can even walk a short distance with the support of a walker and a therapist.  She is smiling and being incredibly silly!  Her arm has more feeling in it (one of the main nerves has woken up) but it is not complete yet. Her arm did move on it's own briefly last week as a result of shock therapy, but she can't control any movement yet. The arm is one of the last things to respond, so this is not unexpected. 

Her feeding tube was removed at the end of the week and she can now eat regular food - she loves this, especially after a week of no food, and then a week of IV feedings. We are thrilled! 

Her speech is much improved and we can understand everything she says now. She doesn't use all the huge words she used to very often, but occasionally she throws one in.  She is very bored, especially on weekends when there is little or no therapy going on.

She appreciates the many gifts, cards, and visits from so many of you. They really lift her spirits. We are learning the hospital routine and expect to be here for a few more weeks. We are so grateful for  how far she has come already and look forward to seeing additional progress. The good thing about a stroke is that every day does seem to get better, so there is always good news.  She is anxious to come home and asked if she "couldn't get a pass to go home for a little while and then come back?"  Not sure about that, but she does miss you all. Again, we are so very grateful for the support of so many. We never knew how many friends we had. Thank you so much for your thoughts, prayers, and all you have done for Lizzy and for our family. Please keep the prayers coming as they are making a great difference. On to victory . . . life at home! Thank you -Tom and Julie and Lizzy too.

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