Monday, May 2, 2011

Lizzy had a good week at Rehab this week, although her brace cannot say the same thing.  Lizzy's has brace has broken 4 times over the last two weeks.  One time the brace lasted only a little over an hour.  Her therapist says he has never seen a brace break at all!  She is now walking with a regular cane and is doing so well.  It is amazing when you don't see her everyday to see her at the end of the week and see how much progress she is making.  What a blessing.

In speech, she is setting, reaching, and surpassing her own goals all of the time, which is really exciting.  She is working on speedily recalling things.  She can remember lots of things, but it tends to take a little bit of time.  So, the focus is on speed-- getting her to recall things quickly.  This last week she wanted to be able to identify 30 picures in one minute (her previous best was 24), and she did it. 

Lizzy and Julie have made some good friends at Rehab and in the Ronald McDonald house (there are a few kids in both places with Lizzy).  So, she enjoys being with them, although the nights are a bit lonely.  So, if anyone is in KC and looking for a great way to spend a couple of evening hours, the RM House has a magnificent game/TV room (Wii, foosball, big screen tv, games, etc.).  Although we warn you, Lizzy is becoming perhaps the world's greatest Life player, so take her on at your own risk. 

On a bit of a bummer note, they have decided to extend Lizzy's stay in Rehab until the middle of July.  This is a little discouraging, but we know it's for the best, and even Lizzy is upbeat about it.  Still, we miss being a together family everyday and the weekends are far too short to squeeze a week's worth of family fun into (although, the kids try). 
As always, we are grateful for all of your well wishes and especially prayers.  We can feel your support and love surround us all the time.  A special thanks goes out to Kristen Bates and Les Ackman for all the work they are doing for the auction this weekend.  We are also very grateful to the many people and businesses who have donated items as well. This will be our last email about Lizzy's progress, but we will continue to update the blog weekly atwww.welovelizzy.blogspot.com.

Thanks again - for everything,
Julie, Tom, and Lizzy Smith

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  1. Thanks for the updates. You're all in our thoughts and prayers!