Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lizzy has been moved to a new room on the Rehab floor - hooray. Because many of you have asked about visits, we thought it might be helpful for you to know her schedule. She know has a daily itinerary of various therapies and school.  She is generally busy from 8am to 3 or 4 pm during the week. A good time to visit is after 5 when she is rested and generally a bit happier after all her hard work. Saturdays I think end earlier, perhaps about nnon - although I am not totally sure yet. Sundays are free days for her.  If you want to visit and have a chance, please email Tom or I so we know you are coming and can let Lizzy know. She gets very excited about visitors - they make her day. It really gives her something to look forward to.  A shorter visit - about 45 minutes is probably best for most since it doesn't tire her too much. Thank you all for your support, thoughts and prayers. We are so grateful. Julie

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